Streaming and On-Demand Multimedia Player and Content Manager
and a New Generation of Online Shopping Store Front

The Case for Selective Multi-Media Streaming
More Content, More Revenue, Less Fees and Royalties

Let's face it…until the broadcast industry fights to have archaic music licensing fee statues and regulations overturned, Broadcasters are going to continue to face mounting music licensing fees for the "right to play" (or should we say promote) music from artists over the air. While we believe strongly, that the paradigm must shift, the fact is, today you face a daunting list of fees and royalties as you choose to stream music and other programming online.

Between your regular royalty fees to ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and now SOUNDEXCHANGE, the costs of streaming, without a clear way to open revenue options for the service, seem overwhelmingly against streaming and on-demand multi-media content...

Until now.

The Radio P1 Media Center offers you More Options, More Revenue Opportunities, with Fewer Royalties, and a Smaller Investment, than any other streaming/on-demand service on the market today.

Most streaming companies offer you a single point of entry, with a single stream that is either "on or off." Revenue is limited to a pre-roll commercial, and perhaps one or two billboard/banner ads on the player. The content is almost always limited to exactly what your station is already playing on your terrestrial broadcast, with your listeners having little or no access to content after it is already streamed. And more important, by streaming your terrestrial broadcast online 24/7, you are almost sure to exceed the "Small Market Radio" cap (3.1 average listeners per hour), that allows you to pay a single $500 annual fee.

But, your listeners want and deserve more.

With the almost endless, and ever-growing list of video, audio, and multi-media content available on the web today, your are no longer just competing with other radio stations, television, or local print competitors. And even more important, traditional print competitors are beginning to offer streaming video and other forms of content on their sites, further blurring the lines between traditional television and radio.

With the Radio P1 Media Center concept, you not only level the playing field, but also give your stations a competitive and revenue advantage today, and in the a cost that SAVES your money!

Now, instead of just turning your terrestrial stream "on or off," you have options to offer:

  • Live Content Streamed Selectively to focus on your local radio content, and special events
  • Archived Content of Special Broadcasts, Shows, Interviews, Shopping Shows, Sports Events, and more!Unique Audio/Video Content that you upload for Internet Only listening/viewing
  • A Wide Variety of ROYALTY FREE Music Side Channels- all with your advertiser's ads inserted for additional revenue


  • Each streaming/on-demand/side-channel element supports its own combination of banner ad sponsors, and video/overlay ads, with pre-roll sponsor commercials
  • Free Music Channels with individual sponsor ops
  • Unique and On-Demand Content continues selling 24/7/365
  • Virtual Scoreboard for Sporting Events
  • 7. Viral Marketing so listeners can email links to their friends and family

COMPARE THE MEDIA CENTER to Stand Alone or Embedded Players



Now, with the addition of MarketP1ace to your radio station website, you can become not just a shopping location for your trade/barter clients, but also the "Local Radio eBay" for online sales for all of your advertisers. From products, merchandise and services, to online discount coupons/certificates, your station can now generate revenue from every aspect of online sales, with one easy-to-use user interface tool.

The NEXT Generation in Online Shopping Storefronts
More Features – More Secure Less Cost with Bigger ROI

  • Multiple Delivery and Payment Methods (Cash, Check, Credit Card, PayPal, Google Checkout)
  • Secure Credit Card and PayPal Purchases With Your OWN Online Merchant Account
  • Allow Convenient Offline Shopping 24x7x365 and/or Integrate with your Radio Shopping Show
  • Build Digital Marketplace Store Fronts for your Advertisers...and You Take a Percentage of Profits!
  • Sell Digitial products (local music or video) to create your own Local Music Marketplace
  • Introducing Digital Coupon/Certificate Delivery (print, email, cell-phone txt message)

Build Loyal Listener Relationships, Engage Advertisers and
Generate New Business

Compare Our Features and Services to RAB ez Auction and other Radio Shopping Tools

More Secure: these features are exclusive to MarketP1ace to insure that your station and listener transactions are secure, safe, and encrypted. Transactions come from the station's individual database, not a global database- with transactions stamped with your ID, not that of the vendor. Unlike RAB ezAuction, MarketP1ace hosts each station’s shopping storefront on a secure site, so your customer payment transactions are 100% safe and secure.

  • Automated Credit Card Processing
  • Secure Credit Card Merchant Accounts (TransACT)
  • Individual Station Secure e-Commerce Site and Database
  • Merchant Login for Item Management, Order Administration, Secure Online Digital Coupon Claiming and Reporting

Selectable Delivery Formats: Now you can choose the option for each product and sale to be picked up at the station, at the advertiser, or in the case of certificates and coupons, delivered digitally to their computer for printing, or to their mobile device. You choose what method works for you and your client!

Social Networking and Personalized Shopping Experience

  • Wish List For Future Buys
  • Viral Marketing through email, newsletters and alerts
  • Rewards program for "frequent buys"
  • Listener Rating System for Listener feedback on advertiser products and services

Expanded Reporting and Commission Options
Full reporting is available to track Advertiser sales/credits, AE sales, User purchase history, billing, payments, taxes, receivables and deliverables.

Stations can easily maintain advertiser inventory and manage the entire sales, payment, delivery and advertiser credit process from any Internet enabled computer.

Taking Orders
Stations can choose to take orders over the phone, online, or both. MarketP1ace provides your station’s phone operators with an easy Quick-Cart purchase process so you can effectively combine your on-air and online shopping shows.

Convenient Payments & Delivery
Stations can selectively offer cash, check, PayPal, Google Checkout or credit card payments using your own online merchant account. In addition, stations can offer U.S. Mail, pick-up or alternate delivery options.

Getting Started
Launching your MarketP1ace store is so easy. We provide everything you need for success: setup, secure hosting, training and support. Simply Link, Promote, and start making $ today!



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