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Welcome to the "honesty corner." Let's start with a few facts.

1. The chasm between Small Market broadcasting and Rated/Major Market Radio is widening by the day. The Broadcast Trade Organizations and Publications are so myopically slanted toward the major operators, that news, information and solutions for independent owners is almost nonexistent.

2. Radio's worst enemy are "radio people" who continue to delude themselves into believing the sham numbers, statistics, and projections that come out of the Trade Organizations, Publications and Industry Consultant/Bloggers. Bad information is worse than no information.

3. Radio's competition is no longer newspaper, TV, or other radio stations in their DMAs, it is the tsunami of new media delivery systems that are taking larger and larger pieces of the advertising and media user pie, leaving radio with the crumbs.

4. If radio does not make significant changes to adapt and become full-service multimedia companies that are the conduit for news, information, deals, discounts, and community in the markets they serve, they will lose relevance in the next five years.

5. Radio's reluctance to change, adapt, and innovate has already forced Millennials and Generation X (the valuable 18-35 audience) to look elsewhere for their music, entertainment, information, and community connectivity.

OK. How's that for honesty?

The Small Market Multimedia Alliance has been created to help open discussion, identify problems, and find solutions to these, and countless other problems facing Small Market Broadcasters today.

But, here's some good news…

Small Market Radio, because of its ability to Super-Serve the communities in which they do business, can adapt more quickly than their Large Market cousins. With planning, focus, and common sense (as well as prudent use of their recourses), Small Market Radio can become the hub of everything that is important to the markets they serve, while building relevance for the coming decade.

But, we have to start by admitting to a very difficult reality; your terrestrial radio business is only going to be PART of your business model in the future…and will gradually lose significance as new and existing delivery systems mature.

It is going to happen…and the sooner you begin adapting, the better off you will be in the next five years.

The Small Market Multimedia Alliance begins with communication. Each week, a new topic will be discussed, with moderated comments allowed. The conversation will be frank, with real solutions outweighing the critical analysis.

It is FREE to existing Access NTR clients, and available for a moderate price ($50 every 6 months) to everyone in the broadcast/multimedia business. General articles will be available to everyone,while solutions and strategies will be password protected for members.


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