Since 1999, Access NTR has been on the forefront of technology and services for broadcasters, which allow our clients to maximize their market reach and advertising revenue.

AccessNTR originally derived our name from the term "Non-Traditional-Revenue." But, in this age of expanded digital delivery and marketing opportunities, NTR now stands for Non-Traditional-Radio, as we help our clients face a future where traditional terrestrial broadcasting is a but a part of their overall marketing and communication relevance.

Since 2005, we have focused our efforts on the challenges and advantages of small market broadcasters, creating solutions that meet both the need to remain relevant in an ever-changing multimedia world, while staying cost effective and efficient. Our services are designed to enhance, expand and augment the marketing and sales challenges of broadcasters today, who face an ever-widening onslaught of digital competition.

We provide services that help small market operators overcome the limitations of staffing and financing challenges, while greatly improving their revenue and profitability.

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