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We Have Solved the Biggest Problems
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Sales and Marketing Support Services
for the Rest of the Broadcast Industry

  • Promotions, Sales and Marketing Ideas designed for YOUR market!
  • Content Management Tools for your Web Site
  • Graphics Production for Your Station's Web Site, Marketing One Sheets
  • Sales and Promotions Consultation
  • Promotions and Marketing Forum With Other Small Market Owners Nationwide

The challenges of running small market radio stations in today's ever-evolving electronic media world are daunting. Often, having a dedicated promotions department is simply cost prohibitive, with the end result being promotions, sales and station web sites that do not match the massive investment or value of your broadcast property.

Access NTR provides a comprehensive list of marketing and promotions support services designed to help you save money in staffing, while generating new forms of revenue for your stations.

Our staff has a background of both advertising agency and broadcast consultation that make us uniquely qualified to provide you with services that will help you maximize your station's resources and expand your market share and profitability.

We believe strongly that Radio's future survival and growth is tied directly to becoming the most important source of local information, news, and promotion in the markets you serve. This is accomplished by Super-Serving your local community, combining the immediacy of radio, with the 24/7 printability and extended reach of the Internet.

Let us show you how...


Why Small Market?

Since the deregulation of the Broadcast Industry, and the subsequent formation of the "Super-Group" mentality, the emphasis of the Broadcast media and most companies servicing the Broadcast Industry has been "bigger is better."

However, the stations and groups that operate in market sizes 100 and below represent more than 75% of the broadcast industry. We feel that it's time for a company that serves "The Rest of the Broadcast Industry." A place to access information, concepts, ideas, and sales strategies that are geared to YOUR small market conditions and needs.

NTR has long stood for non-traditional-revenue. However, with the industry changing almost daily, the broadcasters who are winning the war for new revenue, are those who embrace new forms of marketing and promotion, while super-serving their LOCAL community, listeners and advertising clients.

We can help you reach your target customers and listening audience more effectively, and at a cost you can afford.

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